Snatched Detox Tea


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This  Snatched detox is geared towards helping men and women fight the bloat and eliminate toxins. This tea is perfect for those who are looking for a kick start in their healthy lifestyle journey or those who are trying to maintain.




Organic Oolong Tea (Se Chung)

Oolong tea is a product made from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant.

  • Reduces issue with inflammation, high cholesterol and acid reflux. 
  • Promotes healthy bone structure and flexibility. 
  • Stimulating mental alertness.


Organic Maca Root (White)

White Maca Root grows wild in the ground of the Andes mountains.  

  • Traditionally known for use to promote fertility and fragile bones.  
  • Increase memory health. 
  • Helps aid in reproductive issues and eases menopause symptoms. 

Organic Rhodiola

Rhodiola is a flowering plant manly found in Siberia.

  • Could help reduce symptoms of depression, stress  and anxiety symptoms. 
  • Helps improve overall brain functions.
  • Enhancing energy and exercise performance.   

Organic Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss is a red, branching seaweed that is found on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Britain and North America.

  • Known for having the best source of omega-3 fatty acid. 
  • Rich in iodine, which is an important nutrient for your thyroid and improving your metabolism. 
  • Significant benefits in helping regulate blood sugar levels. 

Organic Soupsop Leaves

The long, prickly fruit comes from the graviola tree, an evergreen native to Mexico

  • Treating stomach ailments and parasite infections. 
  • Immune booster; High in vitamin C, protects skin from environmental damage. 
  • Contains recommended daily dose of fiber intake, vital to digestive health. 


 Brew for for 5 - 10 minutes, longer for strong effects. Bags are able to be used twice. Take two cups a day, twice or three times a week.