Your First Steps To a New Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Carmen Golden on

    Transitioning to a new lifestyle may be easier said then done, but with the right tools and support the transition can be made easy. The first step into going into a new journey is to be mental prepared. Being mentally prepared for this new journey can have a powerful effect on your lifestyle,making the transition easier and more rewarding. Being mindful of what you put in your body and how much can help your hunger issues dissipate. When deciding to take on this new journey try to visualize results. Knowing a new healthy lifestyle can give you great results is enough to make you want to change. Imagining yourself feeling lighter and looking healthier can make you want to keep a consistent healthy eating habit. Visualize consequences as well, whenever you feel a sugary craving coming on imagine what could happen if you consistently ate unhealthy food. 

   The next step is to do your research when deciding to change your eating routine. Understanding what is good for your body and what’s not, is vital to ones health. Learn the foods that help you lose weight and the ones that help you gain it as well. Figure out how much you should be eating and the time you should start and stop eating. Never skip a meal, skipping meals will result you in added hunger pains which will lead you to overeat in order to compensate for missed meals. Eating at least three times a day and healthy snacking in-between can help aid in hunger through out the day. Having a cut off time is very important, eating late and sleeping on food can cause weight gain and may leave you feeling bloated in the morning.

   Try to eat at least 3-4 hours before bed. If you find yourself hungry before bed try a light snack like bananas and almond butter or even eating peanuts both have a great source of protein. Once you have done your research and you have figured out the meals be suit you the next step is to prepare your home for your new lifestyle, ridding your home of all unhealthy foods before starting this new journey and filling your home and cooking more healthier choice meals and snacks will help you avoid being tempted to go out and eat fast foods. Convenience has more of an effect on overeating than does visibility. Out of sight, out of mind is a good technique to use when wanting to stop eating unhealthy. 

    Working out is essential to your healthy lifestyle. If you are new to working out, take it slow. Do not over work yourself, over working your muscles especially when you are a beginner can result in serious injury. Research and watch videos on how to properly workout. Ask someone who is knowledgeable or acquire a trainer if you see fit. Make sure you always do sets when doing any workout. Starting with three sets of ten and then increasing as you progress. Working out three to four times a week can show substantial weight loss results combined with healthy eating habits.  

    Considering changing your lifestyle is a challenge in itself. You’ve already made a major step by deciding to better yourself and health. Set a goal for yourself, and make sure to be realistic, results do not happen overnight. Do not put to much pressure on yourself or beat yourself up for making a mistake. The beginning is never easy, we all fall down especially when trying to stray away from old habits. Align your mind so your body will follow. Continue to keep trying and fighting. Stay consistent and motivated and you will be rewarded. Getting through a challenge is what makes it a breakthrough. 


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